We Are The Best

And We Can Prove It!

We Are The Best


We are proud to be the winners of the 2014 Entrepreneur Awards!

We will be honored at the NCB Show in Vegas this past March. It was a proud moment for us, and we promise to keep working hard, to constantly improve our products, and to continue to be an industry leader.

We dedicate this award to our customers that have been a big part of the Guester family from the beginning, helping us to always strive to innovate and keep things simple.

The Guester Story

Why We Created Guester

The Guester Story

In the dark ages, before the internet, people picked up the phone to order a taxi, book a restaurant and order flowers. That all changed with modern technology; all can be done with a few clicks on a smartphone.

A few years ago, while working at one of the busiest nightclubs in Tel Aviv, we were frustrated with the reality of the nightlife industry. Everything depended on lists, phone calls, and human memory in a drunken chaotic environment. We decided to take action, and Guester was born.

Say ‘goodbye’ to complicated processes, short memories, and ancient history; and ‘hello’ to nightlife reborn. With Guester, clubbers know all the coolest happenings, so they can end up where they belong, and club owners easily run their night and drive their venue to the next level. At Guester, we’re not just providing a service, we’re making an industry simple.

We Run The Night
We Run The Night

How Does It Work?

Venues, Clubbers, Concierges

How Does It Work?

For venue owners and staff,> Available now

looking for the perfect upgrade:

Registering is a piece of cake. Simply fill in the form and tell us your needs. Now the nightlife is at your fingertips - after registering with Guester you will have the tools to smoothly manage your reservations, improve your performance with staff and client tracking, and target the proper clients. Did we mention that you now have an automated system for approving reservation requests and accepting pre-payment if desired? To top it all off, our clients get a complimentary iPad application for checking in their respected guests and reservations, and a real-time information flow allowing to know what is going on in your club at any giving moment. We like giving our clients seconds on the cake, so we’ve partnered with the top concierge companies in the world to bring you the clients you deserve.

For you, > Available mid 2014

looking to have a great night out:

You’re in the mood to go out? You’re travelling and don’t know the hotpots in town? It’s never been easier. Select your city, and further narrow your search on the Guester site and browse a list of the most trendy and fun places. Most importantly - it’s tailored to your every desire. Once you find the place where you want to be, book your table in seconds using our automated system. No muss no fuss, you’re good to go!

For concierge, > Available now in London, soon in selected cities, and the rest of the world

looking for the best information and easy access to it:

Guester provides you with access to the most thorough concierge ever built for the nightlife. Now with our sleek-designed Concierge interface, you know exactly what is happening any night of the week, and can easily book your client a place. To your satisfaction, they will be impressed. To top it all, Guester will not only make your job easier, we also have a special Rewards Program designed for concierge which will put a smile on your face and great gifts in your hands.

List Your Venue

Why & How to Become a Part of Guester

List Your Venue

We believe that things should be made simple.

We bring you an elegant and easy to use platform so you can do all that is necessary and avoid all that is not. Guester is accessible anywhere and anytime, providing you and your staff with all the features that your business requires. Guester’s user friendly management system and complementary door application are designed to address all your needs and exceed your expectations.

Guester is not just a management system.

We take care of the NOW, but we are also thinking about the FUTURE. Longevity is the key word for us. Guester is actively driving customers to your venue while providing you with the right information to turn every customer into a happy, satisfied and recurrent visitor at your venue. After all, if you succeed- we succeed! so we have every reason to do whatever is necessary to grow your business.

Trust above all.

Information is knowledge, and we want you to be able to sit back and relax while we protect your information. The valuable data that you have and will collect is stored and protected using the same advanced protocols used by the leading banks around the globe to protect their client’s database. Have no doubt about it - the data is yours. Guester is not using or sharing your data with anyone, and if for any reason (we can’t think of any) you would wish to stop using Guester, you will be able to save and transfer your data quickly and easily.

Guester efficiently manages all of the interactions taking place within the nightlife industry. From reservations & payments to guestlists – all these and more are brought together under one simple to use platform providing a comprehnsive CRM and deep analytics. The Guester Management System was build based on our extensive knowledge and experience of the industry, but we are never at ease.

We are constantly working to make it better. Adding features, modules and making necessary adjustments based on the valuable feedback we get from the venues we work with. If you can think of something that will make you life easier, your work better and your venue more profitable - let us know. If its not already a part of the platform (and it really is a good idea) we will make it happen!

Main features:

  • – Create and manage events
  • – Manage reservations
  • – Manage Guestlists
  • – Branded, automated emails for each step of the process
  • – Secure pre-payments for reservations with automated emails
  • – Club and personal contact lists
  • – Comprehensive CRM, including customer segmentation and history
  • – Structured access to desired staff members
  • – different roles with specific permissions & restrictions (promoters, servers, hosts, etc)
  • – Complete reports module
  • – Real-time control of an event via Control Room
  • – Guester Door Application

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